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Reduce both cost and collection times by utilising the netBin fill level monitoring system. Automatic monitoring of bins provides timely warnings when they are full, permitting intelligent route planning for collections ensuring no visit is wasted and unsightly overflowing bins are a thing of the past.

netBin HUB

Our web based application is the centre for your decision making, route creation and analysis.

  •  Fill level monitoring system
  •  Route planning & scheduling
  •  Customize your own system alerts


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netBin nPod

The innovative design features in nPod enable leading flexibility and performance in all types of containers.

  •  Variable angle dual ultrasonic sensors
  •  Very long battery life
  •  GPRS, 3G, LTE-M1 and NB-IoT communications


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textile bank securitynetBin nLok provides highly secure and reliable access control solution for textile collection banks.

  • Autonomous reliable operation
  • Centrally manage 1000s of banks
  • Secure and discrete access


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nTag real-time collection notification

netBin nTag enables autonomous real-time collection notifications using smart Bluetooth and our INSPECTOR app.

  • Reports bins collections in real-time
  • Auto connects to cleaners phones
  • Convenient one bolt installation


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netBin Analyser is our Excel based analysis tool that easily enables in depth studies of your powerful raw bin data.

  •  Export data from netBin Hub
  •  Perform analysis by bin content
  •  Minimal Excel skills require


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Our smartphone application is the bridge between monitoring your bins and ensuring the right bins are serviced.

  •  Driver tasking
  •  Routing support
  •  Data collection


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System Overview

With netBin you’re not just buying sensors and desktop software you are gaining our maintained and secure service with technical experience and ongoing support. Our sensors and netBin network is secure using data encryption and authenticated connections.



Textile Banks

Charity textile banks collect donated clothing at most recycling points, the large metal containers are often seen overflowing with bags of donations piled up against the banks. The filling patterns of clothing bins are typically sporadic and are very difficult to predict with any certainty. The collection of these banks is expensive so as a preference they are collected once assumed to be full. Consequently faster filling sites will have overflowing bins for many days before collection missing out on significant amount of donations while they full.

Use the netBin textile fill level monitoring system and;Clothing bin overflowing

  • Reduce overflowing bins
  • Only empty bins that need to be emptied
  • Stop unnecessary journeys to empty bins
  • Quantify the amount of clothing in bin network at any time
  • Save fuel
  • Save time
  • Detect theft with GPS option
  • Reduce theft with nLok





Download Clothing bins diagram

Litter Bins

Litter bins traditionally are over emptied to ensure that public spaces remain clean, pleasant and safe for pedestrians. Using our litter bin monitoring system will reduce the number of unnecessary empties per day to save time and money. As litter bins filling pattern directly correlates to the footfall at any time of the day, netBin’s historical analysis will enable you to understand what times of day require most attention.netBin Litter Bin Monitoring Solution

Use the netBin fill level monitoring system and;

  • Reduce overflowing bins
  • Only empty bins that need emptying
  • Stop unnecessary journeys to empty bins
  • Quantify litter being collected in public areas
  • Save fuel
  • Increase the efficiency of your operation
  • Detect theft with GPS option
  • Keep track of your staff’s performance and activities





Download Litter bins diagram

Underground Bins

Underground bins provide impressive storage capacities with very little visual impact to the surrounding community, however with installation, collection and maintenance costs at the premium end of the market there are significant savings possible from detecting fill levels. Using our fill level monitoring system will reduce the number of unnecessary empties per month to save time, money and resources. As underground bins filling patterns are more difficult to follow visually on site, netBin HUB software will enable you to react to fill levels being reported. Using netBin ANALYSER you will can conduct powerful analysis on the data recovered. Underground bin monitoring

Use the netBin fill level monitoring system and;

  • Reduce overflowing bins
  • Reduce unnecessary journeys to collect non urgent bins
  • Quantify waste being collected in community spaces
  • Save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Increase the efficiency of your operation
  • Keep track of your staff’s performance and activities




Download Underground bins diagram



10,000 Litter Bin Monitoring System Litter Bin Monitoring

The revolutionary litter bin monitoring system installed in South East Asia consists of 10,000 regularly used and serviced litter bins, the system consists of both active and passive sensors. nPods providing active fill level monitoring report fill level, temperature and location back to the HUB. nTags fitted to the passive bins pair with collection workers smart phones reporting bin servicing events and location changes automatically.

By monitoring the litter bins citywide the cleanliness of the city will be improved, minimising costs and ensuring that collection operations are effective and efficiently run and the bins are located where they are really required based on actual use.

netBin installed at Fenny Stratford

Recycling Point Monitoring Milton Keynes

The netBin system is currently operational and handling various types of recycling at Fenny Stratford seen below and will expand to 80 bins in the very near future. This case study features a big data feed to the Milton Keynes data hub that was developed by BT. Monitoring at Fenny Stratford shows current collection schedules can be improved in excess of 25% by using the netBin system to determine when collections are required.

An innovative new low power wide area network technology has been used to transmit data from the bins to the cloud and is pathing the way for new “Internet of Things” based products.

Download netBin BrochureDownload nPod Datasheet How to Buy

Reduce Costs

  • Huge fuel savings
  • Remove poorly utilised bins
  • Reduced wear on expensive trucks
  • Combat theft of bins and contents
  • Fully utilise your workforce

Operate Efficiently

  • Only empty bins that need emptying
  • Optimised collection routes
  • Avoid ugly overflowing bins
  • Increase capacity in rapid fill areas
  • Utilise powerful historical data

netBin Applications

  • Commercial waste bins
  • Recycling bins
  • Textile bins
  • Litter bins
  • Many many more!


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