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Cornerstone Recovery make big savings

Canadian based netBin reseller CSI have been demonstrating huge annual savings and increased productivity by using netBin fill rate monitoring with Cornerstone Recovery’s textile bins throughout Toronto Overview Cornerstone Recovery uses metal textile bins scattered throughout the city to allow individuals to donate clothing or other content for charity.  A pickup schedule is created on […]

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combat fly tipping with netBin

Target fly tipping with netBin

Monitor areas prone to illegal waste dumping and get timely alerts when fly tipping is detected The Problem Around the world illegal dumping of waste is a common occurrence and is an unpleasant eye sore for the local communities. It also represents a constant challenge for waste collectors and municipalities. The majority of dumped waste […]

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Macao expands netBin citywide

Intelligent Waste Houses in Macao increase efficiency, reduce complaints, and improve the environment for local residents Macao has an interesting way of handling domestic waste in it’s compact urban areas, they operate Waste Houses. Local residents visit their nearby Waste House to drop off their waste through chutes into the internally housed bins on a […]

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Melbourne City Council use netBin

Australian Council benefit from netBin

Australian netBin reseller EYEfi are giving councils the waste management information they need Australian netBin reseller EYEfi has been making waves in the litter bin monitoring market by utilising netBin within the EYEfi® Smart Sensor offering. EYEfi’s Smart Sensor system, is improving the way City of Melbourne’s waste services manage rubbish collections, by utilising EYEfi […]

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